Longitudinal seam welder

LSW Type Longitudinal seam welder is main process equipment used to produce linear welds on abutting edges of thin wall cylinder or rectangular tube.

LSW Type Longitudinal seam welding machine includes: machine seat, crossbeam, Hold down fingers, Back-up mandrel, Water cooling copper interleaver, travel Carriage and Control, dual Axis Slides etc.

Hold down fingers can generates a clamping force of up to 25 kg/cm through air-operated.

Travel Carriage and Controll is mounted on the crossbeam, it is driven by a DC motor to make the straight line sport on the horizontal beam.

Dual axis slides provided with manual or dynamoelectric type; control system can add the function  of arc length control or welding oscillator.

Suitable for various welding processes such as TIG, MIG/MAG, PLASMA, suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and other alloys  material.

Longitudinal welding speed ranges from 150 to 1500mm/min.

precise of longitudinal weld can reach up to ±0.2mm per 1m.

weld seamtank ODpiece thickness(mm)
Net (mm)Min-max(mm)Min-max(mm)