AO Series Pipe Heads


AO5 pipe welding head

Pipe / pipe weld head series is divided into AO series-opening welding head

In industrial manufacturing welding, there are a lot of the actual needs of orbital welding that the work piece can not be rotated, but by rotation welding torch to achieve, AO series of open type welding head precisely to achieve this purpose.

The main function

  •  The main part of the head made ​​of aluminum, lightweight structure, caliper clamping can be adjusted for different diameters.
  •  Clearance-free gear design, smooth rotation, low inertia and high temperature in a small environment, without jamming.
  •  For AO welding head also increase the arc length and the yaw system, which is important for thick-walled tube welding.
  •  Mechanical cam guide, so that tungsten can be kept constant from the surface of the work piece.
  •  The torch can also weld pipe / flange, tube / welding head, and special pipe / tube butt welding.

Technical Parameters

External diameter pipeΦ25 ~ 130mm
Rotational speed of the torch0.115 ~ 2.29rpm
Torch angle-150~45°
Torch coolingCirculating water
Welding head formStraight butt, pipe valve angle weld, straight tee butt
Horizontal travel carriage40mm  
Vertical travel carriage40mm  


List of imported parts

No.namePlace of origin
1Rotary motorSwitzerland
2Gas pipe fittingsGerman company EWM
3Gas pipesGerman company EWM
4Coaxial and control cablesGerman company EWM
5Cable sheathFrance
6Wire feed motorSwitzerland
7Arc MotorJapan
8Yaw motorJapan