Automatic linear seam welding machine

Automatic linear seam welding machine

Feature of Automatic Pipe Welding Machine

1 Welding torch pneumatic moving up and down, the work piece is fixed, seam is flat.

2 Work pieces positioning and centering by pneumatic, and pressing by the pneumatic keys, welding position can not offset.

3 Welding torch can be up and down, left and right, forward and backward and angle adjusted, in order to meet the welding requirements.

4 The control of the whole machine is PLC, AC variable frequency speed regulation, ensures the equipment reliability.

5 Added copper backing strap, ensures reverse side forming. 

6 Welding form can be preset, storing and transferring. Through the man-machine interface can easily change the parameter and state transition.

Equipment constitutes

It is composed of a body, work piece positioning mechanism, work piece pressing mechanism , welding torch longitudinal running mechanism, torch lifting and adjusting mechanism, cooling system, welding power source, pneumatic system and electric control system.

1 Body

Welded by square tube and sheet steel; below is work table, work piece positioning and clamping mechanism are on it.  Above is gantry beam, mounted with welding longitudinal running mechanism.

2 Work piece positioning and centering mechanism:

Using pneumatic block for centering

3 Work piece clamping mechanism:

Use mandrel and pneumatic pressure key plate to clamp and press work piece; pressure is uniform. The seam and the clamping area illumination but not damage the operator’s eyes, the clamp plate is smooth, can pre positioning clamping 3mm thick. Clamping does not require any skills, clamping to avoid any thickness material mismatch, the clamping force can be controlled and regulated; positioning side direct clamping, and the other side can realize pre clamping meet weld seam alignment. Use mechanical block to avoid end surface dislocation; mechanical block can move to save time for short tube sliding. Clamping key width is not more than 80mm.

4 Welding torch longitudinal running mechanism

It is composed of AC servo motor, reducer, linear rolling guide. The AC servo drives torch running, high control precision, wide speed range, speed and torque are stable. Welding torch is driven by gear rack transmission, linear guide, walking with high precision. In order to ensure the welding quality, improve production efficiency.

5 Welding torch clamping and pneumatic lifting mechanism:

The torch is driven by a cylinder to move up and down, and switch from preparation and welding station. The torch can be up and down, left and right and angle adjusted. The welding torch adjusting uses dovetail form, using screw adjustment, accurate adjustment, high positioning accuracy, after adjustment can be fastened.

6 Electrical system:     

The host uses Japanese Mitsubishi PLC as control core, control the welding torch, clamp and welding program execution. The system is good stability, simple structure, and convenient maintenance.

Use touch screen as the input and output interface; weld length, welding mode, welding specification, arc lead time can be input through interface. For the failure in welding process, it can alarm, and gives instructions.

Welding length using rotary encoder loop detection; position detection using good brand switch detection

Automatic detect starting point. After welding, automatic go back to original point.

Integrated control panel box; control buttons, touch screen, welding voltmeter and ammeter, welding specification control on one panel, convenient in use and operation.  

7 Pneumatic system:

Triplet, cylinder, valve and other components; control torch lifting and work piece clamping.

8 Cooling system:

Equipment has cooling device, is mainly used in copper back strap pad cooling.

Main components brand 

Servo MotorPanasonic
Electric componetsChina Delixi