Welding Oscillator


Welding oscillator controls the torch with back and forth movement. It can reduce the number and layers of weld by the controlling of oscillate speed, width and pause time. Then reduce welding defects for perfect welding seam.

ED-WL welding oscillator uses advanced micro-controller, high-brightness LED display and long life touch buttons. All input and output ports are using the optical isolation, which makes reliable and stable performance.

ED-WLS oscilator is a special device for linear swing.

ED-WRS oscilator is special device for angle swing.

Small, light, easy to operate and no place restrictions.

Swings with a digitally adjusted, the center of the movement, left stop time, the right to stop time, swing speed.

Torch auto back to center when stop.

Wide working voltage range with switch power supply, and not affected by input voltage.


Technical Data

  • Left/right dwell time: 0.1~5s
  • Center dwell time: 0~5s
  • Accuracy of dwell time: 0.1s
  • Oscillate width: 0~100mm
  • Accuracy of width: 0.2mm
  • Oscillate speed: 0~2400mm/min
  • Accuracy of oscillate speed: 0.1mm/s
  • Stepping motor driver, transmitted by ball screw and linear bearing.
  • Loading capacity: 25KG
  • 16 groups oscillate parameters.
  • Achieve long-distance operation with remote controller (OPTION)
  • Remote control port can be connected with the PLC, and also set the encoder port by user’s requirements.